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Dalian is a harbor city at the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in northeastern China. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in China due to its pleasant climate, picturesque landscape, and attractive resorts. The average temperature in June is 20°C. Beijing is less than one hour away by plane and other major cities in China are easily accessible via flights from the Dalian airport.

Dalian is one of 500 cities selected by the U.N. as being the most suitable for comfortable living. Its great developments in culture, education, entertainment, economics, finance and city construction make it an internationally-known city. Dalian is a place where you can find natural scenes of stunning beauty, a lovely climate, stylish architecture, comfortable beaches and summer tourist resorts. There are also many gardens, parks and squares scattered throughout this bustling city. Along the southern coast, a road like a jade ribbon runs among the mountains and along the sea, threading through the scenic spots of Bangchui Island, Tiger Beach, Fujia Village, Baiyunshan Park and Xinghai Park. To the southwest of the city, there is the world-famous Lushunkou, Taiyanggou (Sun Valley), and Baiyu Mount (White Jade Mount) and natural wonders like Snake Island and Sea Cat Island. To the north of the city, the Golden Pebble Beach Holiday Resort offers golfing, a typical sea-corroded landscape and the unique "turtle-shell rocks". There are also the Bingyu Valley's scenic attractions north of Zhuanghe, which boast soothing green mountains and clear rivers. The city proper offers extensive services, which will cover all of your shopping, cultural and entertainment needs. Dalian is an ideal vacation destination.

You can obtain more information about Dalian from the Dragonair Site.

People's Square

Downtown Dalian with Friendship Square

Western Pacific Petrochemical Company Ltd.

Zhongshan Square, Downtown Dalian

Sea Square

Xinghai Square, Across the street from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

The "18 hairpin bends" in the eastern section of Binhai Road

Bangchuidao Bathing Beach

Golden Pebble Golf Course

Labor Park with downtown Dalian in the background

The Swisshotel

The Golden Pebble International Conference Center

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